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Por: Wamite Muthara


October 11, 2017



Wamite Muthara

Director, Network Capacity, Caribbean and Africa

United Way Worldwide


Update from Puerto Rico

Update from Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico (as of October 9, 2017). This is a snapshot of conditions on the island. The situation is very fluid.


         116 refugee centers opened servicing 7,442 peoples

         11.7% of the population with electricity. The government projects that they can reach 25% during the next 4 weeks

         36 hospitals with electric service

         56.2% of the population with water (I'm with the 43.8% group today)

         44% with some kind of telecommunications 

         75% of the ports opened 


Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico's Immediate Relief and Recovery Plans (next two weeks)


         Increase by 40% the investment to 67 affiliated organizations that provide essential services for the next three months

         Contract with 3 affiliated organizations to produce 20,000 - 30,000 lunches to small organizations

         Protect food supply for our organizations by supporting local food banks

         Provide 100 vouchers with a value of $500.00 to be redeemed for elderly homes and youth organizations

         Distribute 240 generators (should arrive next week)

         Support others non-essential service organizations on transforming their programs to benefit emergency community requirements such as food preparation, water supply, etc. (Currently have 10-15 organizations readapting their programs)



Note from Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico

  • To donate money go to any of the following links: https://www.unitedway.org/hurricane-irma/fupr-irma-maria-relief or https://fupr.org/donaciones/.  For information about where to receive or give help, also for volunteering opportunities, please call 2-1-1 or 787-268-5353 within Puerto Rico.
  • For checks or money orders send them to: United Way of Puerto Rico, PO Box 191914, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00919-1914.
  • Use the following information for Wire Transfer/Direct Deposit: Acct. # 019-001010/ABA Routing # 021502011/EIN # 66-0269222/Banco Popular/Huracn Mara.
  • Within Puerto Rico: ATH Mobil Business; pATH:/fupr Message: Hurricane Maria. 




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